(a) Mr. A purchased a house for self residence of Rs. 80 lacs by taking a loan of Rs.60 lacs from SBI at 10% interest, instead of using his own funds.

(b) Mr. A made investment in purchasing 12% redeemable debentures of TISCO worth Rs. 1.50 lac.

(c) Mr. A purchased 100 gram gold biscuits of Rs.2.5 lac from SBI on the occasion of Diwali.

(d) Mr. A invested Rs. 1 crore in purchasing 5 acres of agricultural land in his native village in Gaya.


  • A

    (a) and (b)


  • B

    (b) and (c)


  • C

    (a) and (d)


  • D

    (c) and (d)