It is desirable to consumers to be aware of their rights, and to exercise those rights responsibly and intelligently. In these days of audio-video publicity on the public and private media, it is indeed very difficult, if not impossible, to verify the exaggerated or false claims made by the producers, manufacturers, distributors and dealers of various goods and services. The all-pervasive, exaggerated and often false claims, made for services and goods, emphasize the imperative need for Consumer Protection Legislation and creation of awareness about it among the general public.

In the connection, there are a number of enactments, in India such as the prevention of Food Adulteration Act, 1954, the Essential Commodities Act, 1955 the Hire Purchases Act, 1972, the standards Weight and Measure Act,1976 etc. However the remedies prescribed there under are time-consuming, inadequate and expensive. As in other areas of Judicial Processes, the offenders are hardly caught, proceeded against and rarely, if ever, got convicted. When violators go scot-free, the victims have no remedy and gets frustated.


  • A

    Consumers in India are aware of their rights


  • B

    Consumers in India exercise their rights responsibly

  • C

    Consumers in India are unaware of their rights and hence, they do not exercise them

  • D

    None of the above could be ascertained on the basis of paragraph given here above