List – I

List – II

(a) Work ethics (i) includes taking care of issues like air and water pollution, toxic waste disposal etc.
(b) Values (ii) is an organisation’s obligation to benefit society in ways that transcend the prime business objectives of maximizing profit.
(c)Environmental responsibility of a business (iii) is a characteristic attitude of a group towards what constitutes the morality of work.
(d) Corporate Social Responsibility (iv) determine the overall personality of an individual and the organization that he is working for.
  • A

    (a)   (b)     (c)      (d)

    (i)      (ii)     (iii)    (iv)


  • B

    (iv)    (iii)    (ii)     (i)

  • C

    (iii)    (iv)    (i)      (ii)

  • D

    (ii)     (i)      (iv)    (iii)