List  I (Explanation) List II(Term)
(a) It involves using the version of master file and the update transactions used to create the current file to recreate the current master file if it becomes damaged. (i) Audit trail controls
(b) it involves copying the whole or portion of the data-base to some back up medium, typically magnetics tape. (ii) Dumping
(c) It stores current and historical data extracted from various operations systems and consolidates for management reporting and analysis (iii) Grandfather, Father, Son
(d) It maintains the chronology of events that occur either to the database definition or the database itself (iv) Date warehousing for accounting
  • A
    (a) (b) (c) (d)
    3 2 4 1
  • B
    3 1 2 4
  • C
    1 3 2 4
  • D
    4 3 2 1