List 1                                                                         List 2
(Type of Interview)                                          (Usual Application)

(a) Structured                                       (i) A realistic approach that yields comparable answers plus in depth insights

(b) Unstructured                                  (ii) Useful to understand applicants reasoning and analytical abilities under modest stress

(c) Mixed                                            (iii) Useful for valid results, especially when dealing with large number of applicants.

(d) Behavioral                                    (iv) Useful when the interviewer tries to probe personal details of the candidate to analyze why they are not fit for the job

  • A

    (a) – (iii), (b) -(i), (c) -(ii), (d) – (iv)

  • B

    (a) – (iii), (b) -(iv), (c) -(i), (d) – (ii)

  • C

    (a) – (iv), (b) -(ii), (c) -(i), (d) – (iii)