a) Propitious niche (i) It focuses on improving the competitive position within specific industry that the business unit serves
b)  Strategic window (ii) An  extremely favorable market situation so well suited to the firm’s competitive advantage that other organizations are not likely to challenge it
c) Mission (iii) A unique market opportunity that is available only for a particular time
d) Business strategy (iv) It is an objective and measurable common thread to highlight and focus the energy of everyone in the direction that the management believes is the best for the best

Choose the correct option from these given below:

  • A

    (a)-(iv); (b)-(i); (c)-(iii); (d)-(ii)




  • B

    (a)-(i); (b)-(ii); (c)-(iv); (d)-(iii)

  • C

    (a)-(iii); (b)-(iv); (c)-(ii); (d)-(i)

  • D

    (a)-(ii); (b)-(iii); (c)-(iv); (d)-(i)