List I

List II

(A) Mezzanine Capital (I)It is the speedy source of finance less regulated by the regulatory environment of debt and capital markets
(B) Private Equity (II)Its long term capital embraced by the high net worth and high risk appetite investors
(C) Global Depository Receipt (III)It is an equity instruments issued in overseas markets and is listed and traded on bourses on an OTC basis
(D) Venture Capital (IV)Its refers to subordinated debt or preferred equity that allows firms to borrow additional capital beyond the levels lenders are willing to finance through the bank loans

Choose the correct answer from the options given below :

  • A
    (A)-(II) (B)-(IV) (C)-(I) (D)-(III)
  • B
    (A)-(I) (B)-(III) (C)-(IV) (D)-(II)
  • C
    (A)-(IV) (B)-(I) (C)-(III) (D)-(II)
  • D
    (A)-(III) (B)-(II) (C)-(I) (D)-(IV)