List – I

List – II

(a) The producers will offer more of a product at a higher price (i) Market in equilibrium


(b) The quantum that producers want to sell is equal to the quantum that consumers want to buy. (ii) Law of supply


(c) The sensitivity of consumers to price changes. (iii) Co-efficient of price elasticity of demand.


(d) Percentage change in quantity demanded to percentage change in price (iv) Price elasticity of demand
  • A

    (a)     (b)     (c)      (d)

    (ii)     (i)      (iii)     (iv)

  • B

    (iv)    (i)     (ii)     (iii)

  • C

    (ii)     (iv)    (iii)    (i)

  • D

    (ii)     (i)     (iv)    (iii)